Understanding The Task

So you are moving out soon?

Well, good for you!

Whether handling the responsible task of cleaning the property yourself or delegating to specialised workers, be informed and act with confidence, swiftness and precision.


We shall discuss your options and provide you with extensive information how not to fail (should you try yourself). You will also learn how to play your cards when hiring professionals and how to organise your work for maximum efficiency.

Ready. Set. Go.

Dare To Clean On Your Own?

One good way to save a few hundred quid while getting the job done is to clean on your own. That is, arguably, the best deposit scheme one can come up with, one that is both simple and effective.


Some of you may be worrying whether it will really be effective, as frankly doing some regular weekly cleaning does not make us professionals able to carry out an end of tenancy cleaning.

And you will be rightfully worried!

Actually, what are your odds?

Many have tried but as you can guess yourself, tons of tenancy cleaning mistakes have been made by unaware tenants. A perfect clean, one that abides agency/landlord cleaning standards is not a simple task to achieve. If you need aid in the endeavour of error prevention and up your chances of deposit retrieval to a 100%, use this handy cleaning tips guide diligently and avoid common costly cleaning mistakes.

Pay Special Attention To This Cleaning List Of Easy To Miss Areas

1. Top The Doors

Easy to miss out, especially considering NOBODY ever dusts those off during regular cleaning routines.

2. Bathroom Fan Has Dust Tan

Most have a cover concealing massive dust buildups on the fan itself. Make sure to peak a look in there.

3. Light Switches Are Germ-Infested

Although used on a regular basis, those tiny pieces of plastic are often left uncleaned for years, even decades. The amount of microbes per square inch is usually in the millions!

4. Sink Drawer Secrets

If the outflow pipes of the kitchen sink are located in a drawer, you are likely to find all sorts of horrors in there. From bugs and cobwebs to unidentified object noone has a clue how they even go there.

5. Peak Behind Furniture

If you have rented a furnished home, its more than likely you have wardrobe and a bed collecting formidable amounts of dust behind them. If at all possible, pull those up a bit, squeeze a vacuum cleaner extension back there and clean as much as possible.

6. Backsplash Grease Inspection

If you clean the backsplash regularly, it may appear in a good shape, however there might be dried grease spots invisible to the naked eye. Pick a torch and flash it from multiple angles to spot grease spots you may have missed previously.

7. Don't Underestimate Toilet Underseat.

There are many obviously necessary-to-clean relentlessly areas a toilet requires, however the back side of the seat is often skipped. Be thorough and add it to your cleaning list. If you find it rather difficult, consult this handy toilet cleaning guide.

8. Bathroom Pipework Assessment

You may think this has nothing to do with your monthly/yearly spring cleaning (or tenancy cleaning) routine but you would be wrong. Don't get slapped across the face with your landlord's clipboard and just wipe them pipes real good.

9. Taps`s Limescale Can Fail You

While cleaning the taps is something few would miss out, limescale underneath the tap and under the handle (should you have one) are sometimes neglected. Don't be fooled by apparent shiny looks the tap can produce (while looked at from up above).

10. Ceiling And Walls Are Treacherous

Concentrating on eye-level-and-below cleaning items is a common mistake. Unless windows are providing sufficient lighting, use a powerful torch to illuminate ceiling and walls in order to locate and remove even the tiniest of cobwebs.

11. Handle The Handles!

Over-used and under-cleaned. That is a short way to describe the cleanliness of these items found in virtually every home.

12. Deal With Light Fittings & Fixtures

Those may appear alright at first glance but believe it or not, they are far from that. Dust them off and apply mild detergent if the dust has gotten beyond dusting which is likely, should it have lacked cleaning for some years.

13. AC [Not DC]

Top and sides of the in-house body of the air conditioning are also likely to be looked at by your landlord/agent so make sure you have that on your cleaning list.

14. Drains Are Made To Trap Dirt

The ones in the bathroom and especially the one in the shower screen are likely to contain dirt and hair that can easily be removed without special tools or plumbing skills.

  1. Beware The Window Ledges

Windows are an obvious item on the cleaning checklist, however their ledges are sometimes not. Be mindful that those will be looked at with due diligence by the person inspecting.

Useful And Super Easy Tips To Keep You On Top Of Your Cleaning Game

Knowing what to clean as well as some tricky areas many people omit is just half the battle. The other half comes in the form of proper organisation.

But how tough can it be to just get it all done?

The fact is, it can be stressful, annoying and time-consuming!

Well, not if you are sufficiently well organised.

  1. One Thing At A Time

What often turns a rather simple task into a chaotic mess is jumping from one cleaning activity to another before completing the first one. Keep calm and finish the task at hand.

2. Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan

This cliche is more often cited than put into action. Having a basic cleaning plan can truly go a long way. Try going through one room to another and clean from top to bottom in each room. That way you you guarantee yourself two things:

  • not missing anything
  • not contaminating an area just cleaned

3. Rushing Will Make It Slower

Sounds stupid?

Tell that to all those who took shortcuts, believing they knew well how to clean a house and ended up having to redo many areas. Take it slow, go with the flow and confirm quality work before moving on.

4. Window Cleaning Under The Sun

It's better to clean windows in sunny weather rather than in the rain, right?

Kind of…

If it was a simple spring cleaning, it wouldn't matter much. Here's how to clean windows from the inside for your agent/landlord to like.

Do it in a cloudy weather, if possible.

But wait, why?

If it's sunny, the warmth from the sun will dry water and window detergent faster, resulting in smears! Little known fact, indeed.

5. Rest Is The Best Kind Of Work!

While not especially true, rest is important FOR work to be efficient. Don't break your bones trying to finish it all in one go. Put your feet up and have a drink for 10 minutes and watch your work rate increase exponentially afterwards.

6. Time Is Relative To The Observer

Think it will take about four hours?

It might. But… it might not.

Don't make the mistake of allocating 'specific' timeframe. In fact, tenancy cleaning often takes a lot more time than people think it will.

7. The Usefulness Of The Cloth

Have a bunch of clean cloths for the job. The more the better. You will praise your thoughtfulness a thousand times on the day of the cleaning.

Yes, you will!

8. Clean With A Hairdryer

Cool, eh?

A hairdryer can be especially handy to remove dust from radiator grills. A clever little technique even professional cleaners have not thought of but you will employ like the clever out-of-the-box mastermind thinker that you are!

9. Be Cool With A Tool

Keep a screwdriver, a powerful torch and a small step ladder around on the day. You are likely to need all three on multiple occasions.

10. In Case Of Damage

Just noticed scratches or damaged items/paintwork?

Simply cover that up neatly and hope for luck!

Uhm… no, DON'T!

Best way to go about it is to contact your landlord and agent directly and work out a feasible solution while keeping them completely informed. Being honest and straightforward about it will go a long way. Maybe your landlord had planned renovations and the scratches will be dealt with anyway. Or he/she has a friend that can fix it for little-to-no charges.

If you try and disguise the damage, landlords and agents alike will eagerly penalise you!

The Hired Help Alternative Solution

Don't feel like getting your hands dirty and don't mind paying someone else to achieve the perfect clean?


Just be mindful of a few important (and potentially deposit saving) pieces of information.

One good way to ensure cleaners will strictly follow your agency/landlord's guidelines is to request the checklist well beforehand. Afterwards, send it over to the cleaning company at least a few days prior to the service itself. Obviously they know how to clean a house but the checklist may contain items they don't normally pay attention to, thus using the checklist as a reminder and a safety net at the same time.

Once again, clever, clever you!

Needless to say, there are very good tenancy cleaners out there as well as some really terrible ones. The latter will also happily take your hard-earned money despite leaving a mess behind for you to deal with. Therefore, it stands to reason to enquire about their satisfaction guarantees and for how long after the cleaning do they apply. Different service providers may guarantee their service from 1-10 days in some rare cases even longer.

Specifically ask if the cleaning will be time limited or not. Some dodgy cleaners will offer you end of tenancy based by the hour and as soon as the time runs out (for which they will make sure by diligently milking the clock), you will have to pay on top for them to continue.

Hope We Armed You Well

With the help of a strong arsenal of cleaning tips and suggestions, we reckon you should be more than fine in carrying out your tenancy cleaning.

Just a final thought before you go.

Agents and landlords will happily return all of your deposit money… as long as you do your part well enough. Spend wisely and send those suitcases to a home you really like :)

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